Friday, May 09, 2014

A Nice Treat. Nails & Laughter.

For Christmas, Mrs. Amanda and Mr. Drew got Cheyenne and I gift cards to a nail salon.
Wasn't that nice of them??? After work, I met Chey and Amanda at the salon, while Mr. Drew watched their kids, plus Dakota.

I've had my nails done, but I've never had a pedicure and Cheyenne had never had her toenails professionally done either, so we decided to go with the pedicures.
I'm sooo ticklish and so is Chey. I laughed so hard when the worker was scrubbing my feet. He probably thought I was a weirdo. Cheyenne laughed and kicked a little too. I made sure to tell the worker, don't scrub off my callices...I'm a runner. He used a sponge instead of an intense scrubber. 

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