Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kindergarten Round-Up! & Neighborhood Running Buddy

Today, I took Cheyenne to Kindergarten Round-Up. I got all the paperwork to register her. The packet is thick. I'm going to try to turn it in by mid-May. While we were on campus, we took a short tour of the building. Chey carried around a note pad and took notes. Her notes included a princess. She is sooo excited about school! She's so excited, that she was disappointed when she realized she is going to have to wait "a long time" before Kindergarten starts, in the fall.

Although, I'm excited about Chey starting school, I am also extremely stressed about finding an afforadable before and/or after school program or if I can find a friend who would be willing to work with me that would be even better. I know we will figure it out, but I just want this to be an easy transition.
New Run Buddy:
Last week, I had a high mileage week. This is the first time I peaked at 40 miles since Cowtown Ultra, back in Feb.

 Sunday, I met a new running friend for a short 3 mile recovery run. She lives in my neighborhood. Her background is mainly triathlons…like ironman (the full, not sprint). Our pace is not the same, she runs like 12-14 min. miles, but I think running with her will be great for recovery runs. So, that's what we did. I woke up early Sunday and ran 4 miles solo, before meeting her for 3 miles at a conservative pace.

There's another girl in my neighborhood who reached out to me about running shorter runs during the week. She also does triathlons, but I think she's closer to my running pace. I hope we get to run together soon!

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