Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Sunday & Going Out to Eat Was a Real Treat!

I missed three days of work, last week. The girls were sick for a few days.
I'm extremely thankful for sick time and benefits. The girls are healthy, now. PTL.
Sick kids
I was praying that they'd be well enough to go to Church, by Easter Sunday. They both had GI issues, but thankfully, by Sunday they were feeling ok, so off we went.
Easter Sunday
This year, I didn't get the girls new Easter dresses. Actually, the dress that Chey wore last year still fit her and Dakota wore a hand me down dress from Chey. The dress I wore is a GAP dress. I've had it since high school. I'm surprised it's not a dingy white.
Easter Sunday 2014
The girls didn't notice the not so new fashion, I didn't mind and everyone seemed happy.
Easter Sunday 2014
Afterwards, we went to Fudd's, which was a wonderful treat! Especially, for me since I was at home for the majority of the week. I needed to get out! Another reason why going out was a real treat is because we've been cutting down on our entertainment and eating out fund. So, going out to eat these days is a big deal (for me).
Dakota at Fudd's
The rest of the day, we stayed in...we played with the girls, I edited photos I took during church and we just enjoyed the down time.

 P.S. Here's an throwback of Chey and I (EASTER 2009). Easter Sunday

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