Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Game Plan for Cowtown Ultra

Running & Rocking Some MusicI pulled up my 2011 Cowtown Race Report, since I ALWAYS have a hard time remembering stuff like that. I can't even tell you what my 5K PR is, I'd have to look that up too. As far as Sunday goes, I'd love to set a PR. Here are the numbers I'm competing against...

2011 50K Race Results
Distance: 31 miles
Duration: 5:27:24
Average Pace Per Mile: 10:33
Here's my Plan:
I will attempt to run the first 10-15 miles at a medium pace, which for me would feel like an easy run, for at least the first half. Typically, when I race, even an ultra I run out the gate like a bat out of hell. I can't allow my race excitement to get the best of me! I'm going to aim for a 10:20 pace for the first half of the race and then depending  how things go, hopefully run some negative splits for the majority of the second half. I'm terrible at pacing myself during a race, but lately my training runs, have been consistent - mile after mile.
Okay, so here are the numbers I want to see when I cross the finish line: 
5 hours. 17 minutes. 45 seconds. 
I hope I don't have to stop for a restroom break.

I'm trying to decide what shorts to wear on race day. I was thinking of wearing this run skirt or...
Looks Like I'm Passing Gas
Maybe I'll switch it up and wear some speed shorts. I'm really leaning towards the shorts. It might be easier for friends to spot me. 
2011 Palo Duro 50K Trail Race
By the way, I took the liberty to sign my friends and family for Text message race updates. So if you get multiple updates by text, that's because of me. I'll be wearing a headphone bud in one ear, so call me if you want to chat. The best time to call would be around noon. I'm sure I will need some motivational words around that time. If I don't answer, it might be because I've sweated my headphones to death. I'm anticipating a hot race.
Here's to giving it my best. 

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