Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2014 Cowtown Official Race Photos

My Race Results:
Distance: 50K (31 miles)
Duration: 5:28:56
Average Pace Per Mile: 10:37
Overall Place: 145 out of 451 Ultra runners
550 Ultra Runners Registered. 451 Finishers.
Gender Place: 42 out of 201
Division Place (25-29 yrs): 9th out of 21

 No, I didn't run sideways the whole time. I was checking behind me to make sure I had a visual of my pacer. We were running downtown, probably mile 11. Sure enough the pacer was behind me, but not pictured here.
2014 Official Cowtown Photos
The Trinity Trails aka the painful miles. Mile 26 'ish.
2014 Official Cowtown Photos
I heard a spectator yell, it makes it easier if you smile, so I tried to smile. He was right, it helped. 2014 Official Cowtown Photos
Sprinting to the finish line. At the end of a 50K, a 10:30 mile is a sprint (for me).
2014 Official Cowtown Photos
About to cross the finish line! PRAISE THE LORD! Also, holla and food me!
2014 Official Cowtown Photos
2014 Official Cowtown Photos
I already passed one mat, it's over right? Can I stop now????
2014 Official Cowtown Photos
Sweet victory tastes like salty sweat.
After I crossed the finish line I sat down to catch my breathe, text and call my friends and family who had been following my race. When it was time for me to stand up, I felt every ache in my body. I saw two gentlemen and asked them to help me up. They laughed at me and called me crazy, but they did help me. Today, I'm feeling less sore. All the foam rolling and stretching has helped.
2014 Official Cowtown Photos
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