Saturday, October 26, 2013

Recovering From Eye Surgery & First Stomach Bug

Thursday, Trey had cataract surgery on his right eye. Next month, he goes back and gets his left eye done. Keep him in your prayers, he says that at times, the pain is unbearable and at times it feels like a stabbing feeling in his eyeball. OUCH. At least he looks cool, wearing big fat sunglasses inside. P.S. Dakota was kind of sick earlier today. She threw up 3 times. This is her first time to ever have a stomach bug. But she didn't let it phase her or keep her down. Other than throwing up, she acted completely normal the rest of the day. I hope we don't catch the bug.
  Trey Recovering From Eye Surgery
I don't know about you, but the weekends don't always mean party time. Most of the time, it means clean house time. I started rewarding Chey with stickers for listening to me. She was eager to vacuum so she could get a sticker and note from me, "that read - good job, Cheyenne!"
Chey Vacuuming
This girl has plenty of reasons to smile, yesterday she took her first steps at Mrs. Amanda's house. It wasn't a fluke because she took steps for me too. Amanda didn't want to tell me, that she started walking, but she knew that I was getting concerned. So, she told me. I wasn't bothered at all. I was thrilled! Dakota is still mostly lazy, but the steps are a start. She probably got tired of hearing us talk about it and said, OK. OK. I'll walk a little, just to prove that I can if I want to.
Happy Dakota

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