Saturday, October 19, 2013

God Bless Child Photographers

For various reasons, I've decided to tackle our Family Christmas portraits. My photography specialty is event photography - graduations, parties and such. Child photography is a challenge for me. Why? Because children are everywhere and their moods are up and down and sometimes they are really hard to photograph.

You're about to get a sneak peak at our Christmas photos.
Nothing says Merry Christmas than a picture of a non-ethusisastic child.
Picture Perfect
Feliz Navidad! Look at the back of my head!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.
Picture Perfect
Okay, so not all of them were bad, those are just the ones that I wanted to share for now. There were a handful of gems, that I'll post at some point.

In all honesty, by the end of the session, I was exhausted, so God Bless any photographer who has the patience and skill level to take child portraits. God Bless you!!! I'll take the grown-ups any day. Haha!
Not impressed (yawn)
I keep thinking that as the girls get older their photo sessions will get easier.
In case you are wondering about Trey and I ---  I'm hoping to use a self-timer to take a pic of Trey and I together.
Not Impressed
This is a test shot using the Rosco LitePad Loop. I've used it on a few video productions, today was the first time I used it for a photo shoot. I'd love to do more test shots on a grown-up (someone who won't be wiggling around every 5 seconds). For the above shots, I used an external flash and natural light.
Test Shot Rosco LitePad Loop

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