Monday, September 09, 2013

Weak Week & Outgrowing Things

It was a rough weak for me, that's all I have to say. Today, is the start of a new run week and I got out and ran my 4 miles. A good run week for me is 28-30 miles. An excellent run week is 38 miles. An over-achieving run week is 40+.  It's been a while since I've had a 40+ week.
Dakota wanted me to hold her while I was prepping my lunch for the week. It takes me about an hour to meal prep and package my lunch and the girls lunch for the week. Dakota was mad because I wasn't giving her any attention, so I decided to use the baby sling - so I could hold her, but at least have my hands to finish handling the food. My goodness, Dakota is heavy!!!! My back was killing me!
Baby Sling Flashback Photo from Jan. 28th.
Hanging out in the sling.
And here is another example of my growing baby. Look at her feet hanging off the edge of the car seat.
Dakota Too Big for Car Seat

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