Monday, August 19, 2013

I took my Nike+ Watch to Six Flags. How Many Miles Did I Walk?

I had an excellent run week and even had a chance to focus on weight training and core. After two back to back long runs, I noticed that today my hip (on the left side) is feeling tender. I should be okay to run tomorrow -- I'm thinking I will slow down my pace tomorrow. Today, is a rest from running. I'll either rest all together or I might do the elliptical or weights.

Have you ever wondered how many miles you walk over the course of a day at an amusement park?
Six Flags Ride
Well, yesterday when we were at the park I activated my GPS watch. By the end of the day, we walked 3.7 miles. I paused my watch while we were sitting or waiting or at least when I remembered to. We didn't spend the entire day out there, we were only there maybe 5 hours.
Walking at Six Flags

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