Monday, July 08, 2013

Recent PR Post Baby & Summer Fun

How is my training going????
I didn't run as often, I actually missed 2 runs, but I ran my designated long run, (16 miles on Saturday). That's the farthest I've ran since getting pregnant with Dakota. So, considering I hit my long run distance and I'm not dealing with any injuries, I feel pretty good about running, right now.
Rough Creek Training
How was your fourth of july weekend????
The girls and I took a mini-trip to Abilene. Trey had to work. I stayed at my mom's house and Chey got all paparazzi.
Mom at home
Besides visiting with my momma, we also celebrated DJ's birthday at the Abilene Swim Club Pool. I know, another pool weekend, we can't get enough!
DJ's Pool Party
Birthday boy and family
DJ's Pool Party
Chey enjoyed the mini-Rapid Pool Slide
Dakota looking good in her swimsuit
DJ's Pool Party DJ's Pool Party
We slept so loooong this weekend. Running gives me the sleepies and apparently swimming does it for the girls. Actually, Dakota didn't even swim, I suppose it's being passed around -- that gives her the sleepies
Sleepy Girls
Dakota was sleeping hard this morning, I finally woke her up at 8:30 am. I was thankful I got a chance to run on the treadmill, while she was still in bed. Thanks, Dakota!
Waking up Late

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