Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Honeymoon Phase

I'm in the beginning of my training schedule aka the honeymoon phase. I want to run and so far things  are going smoothly. However, I'm looking at my calendar and I'm thinking this weekend I'll be lucky if I get to run at all...

Here is my training from last week! Like I said, Honeymoon phase.
Week 2 of 16 of Training for Rough Creek
So, I got new running shoes. I asked Cheyenne to help me decide between the two and she said, 'the pink ones!" There it is, my $50 dollar running shoes. I've been known to spend upwards of $100 on a pair, but I'm trying to be more frugal. My last pair of shoes cost me about $45 and they seem to be comparable to $80 dollar shoes I've ran in. One thing, I have noticed about my $45 dollar shoes is that they seem to be wearing down, 80 miles shy compared to my expensive shoes. Either that or I haven't been keeping good track of my mileage in them (that's probably it). It's hard to keep track of shoe mileage, when I have two kids. I'm lucky I'm keeping track of my training!

By the way the shoes below are Nike Alvord Trail Running shoes. I've ran 4 miles in them and they seem like any other shoe I've ran in. No complaints, here.
Running Shoes

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