Friday, June 07, 2013

My Week in Photos

Her Father had something to do with this outfit. Her Kind of Fashion
The girls and I went for a walk, earlier this week. To be honest, it was quite miserable. It was 98 degrees. Yuck! If it's above 90, just stay inside. Ha! Really.
  Summer Walk A Hot One!
It kind of made me wish we had a pool. Well, I'm thankful for neighbors who let us swim in theirs.
First Dip of the Season
Lately, Dakota has been obsessed with the remote control. If it's in sight, she has to have it. It makes it very challenging when I want to surf channels.
Go to Sleep Dakota! LOL!
Do you want to know what I've enjoyed this week? Getting to take my lunch break twice this week, with my girls. Dakota was over there eating a cheese stick. She's getting really good at feeding herself. Actually, she prefers to feed herself and it gets really messy. It almost makes me wish we had a dog. You know to clean the floor....but the hair and responsibility-- one day we'll get a family dog, but not now.
The Girls on Campus
I got some good news in the mail this week...Here is the story highlighted on UTA News Center.
34th Telly Awards!

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