Saturday, June 01, 2013

My Week in Photos ( A Lot of Photos)

So, this is a really random post....

For over six years, I've taken hundred of  photos of the Dean and not once have I taken a photograph with her. It's kind of hard since I'm the photographer! She is stepping down as the Dean and during her tribute and appreciation dinner, I handed my camera to my co-worker and asked my co-worker to take a photo of the Dean and I together.
Photo with the Dean
This is the closest I've ever been to windmills. A few miles outside of Abilene city limits, there is a whole town, full of them!
Windmill City
Dakota catching some Zzzzzz's while we were shopping in Abilene, earlier this week.
Dakota napping in carseat
The girls in the same shopping cart at Academy's in Abilene. Cheyenne and Bella in a shopping cart
On memorial day, Trey worked all day and night. It was suppose to be a paid holiday vacation for him, but he got several service calls, so he worked. Amy and my neice joined me for dinner. I grilled! Who says women can't grill??? I make some mean burgers!
Memorial Day 2013
Cheers to my photography assistant, Angelica. She's always saying she wants to be a vet, but yesterday after she helped me take photos of the girls, she said she told one of her teachers, she wouldn't mind being a photographer. If she's looking for a fat check, she might want to shy away from photography, however I say follow your passion! That's what I did and I'm still doing...I feel fortunate that I get paid to do something I love.
Here are a few photos that I didn't post, yesterday from the little photo shoot I did with the girls. My Girls
The are so difficutl to photograph. Chey was so over taking photos, the moment we started.
My Girls
However, you can't tell, by looking at this photo. Looks like she's having fun to me.
My Girls

My Girls

My Girls

My Girls My Girls

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