Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Dip, Pool Showroom & Solid Run Week


Dakota went swimming in a pool for the first time, this weekend. We spent Saturday afternoon in Coppell with family and went swimming in their pool. It was a jam pack weekend. We visited all weekend with family. Trey's family was also in town, I'll post pictures of that soon.

You know how I'm always saying Trey is persuasive? Well, he's convinced me we need a pool. I'm not saying it's a sealed deal, but we did go to a "pool showroom" and our conversations have gone from, "if we ever get a pool" to "next summer when we're swimming in our pool."

Well, if we ever get a pool, I know one girl who will be very happy. Cheyenne took swim lessons. She went from being slightly terrified of being in a pool to being pretty comfortable. Here's a picture that Mrs. Amanda took of her and Luke together before class. Amanda is the one who took Chey to her lessons, while I worked....I did get a chance to go to one of her lessons. She was so excited to show me what she learned.
Swim lessons with luke
Despite being sick some of Monday and all day Tuesday, I had a solid run week. High-Five to me! Boom!
Week 5 of Rough Creek Training
Dirty Running

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