Wednesday, May 01, 2013

If I could live off the land...

...I would grow my own food, veggies and fruit and raise my own chicken and all that earth loving stuff. But the truth is, I'm lucky I can grow, I'll take it.

Here is my garden. It's flourishing!
I've got an empty row there, towards the middle. I've had so much success with the brussel sprouts, I might try to grow more.
The sage is invading the rest of my herb garden!
For the past two weeks, I've been eating brussel sprout leaves like lettuce. I didn't even think to eat them, until Erin mentioned something about it. Great idea! The leaves tastes rich and earthy kind of like kale. I'm still waiting for the sprouts to grow...
The girls like helping me water and tend to the compost bin.

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