Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Tell Myself, They Miss Me

The girls are still having a great time spending time with family in Abilene. They don't seem to notice mommy and daddy are not I have to tell myself they miss me.
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Everyday, they've been doing some sort of activity. This morning they went to Chick-Fil-A to eat and they listened to story time.
Dakota ate eggs, like a big girl.
Since the girls have been away, I've been enjoying running a little more. I still have to watch the clock, but I'm more relaxed and not as anxious to return home. Monday, I ran 8 miles and ran past the lake. Today, I ran 6 miles around the neighborhood....Usually, my weekday runs consist of 3 - 4 miles, but since the girls are not here, I get more time on the road.
In the evenings, Trey and I have been going out. Date night every night? Sure! Last night we went downtown and experienced Texas De Brazil for the first time. It's an expensive restaurant and it costs about $50 a plate. I had a buy one meal get the other meal free coupon, so that's how we justified going. It was so good and it reminded me of the buffets in Las Vegas. I'll be going about a year, when they send me another coupon. :)

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