Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Best Part

The best part of this weekend get-away has not been sight-seeing, food, or the time off from work. It's been spending time with my love ones.
Trip to Selma
This afternoon, the girls and I spent three hours in the hotel lobby waiting for Trey's class to dismiss. The girls sat with me and although they were not perfect, they were well behaved and that's all a mom can ask from an infant and a toddler. I'm very pleased with how they acted.
Cheyenne & Dakota

Trip to Selma Trip to Selma Trip to Selma
After Trey's class was done, we drove to San Marcos and for the first time, I paid myself from my business account. Yeah, for the first time a made a purchase that didn't have anything to do with camera gear. I treated myself to four pieces of clothing from Lululemon (outlet!!!!) You guys, retail therapy feels so good!
Trip to Selma

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