Friday, April 05, 2013

My Week in Photos

The cuteness! Do you have a sister? I love seeing how they interact, it brings back wonderful childhood memories. I have two sisters, so it's just really cool to see my girls interact. If Dakota is upset, Cheyenne will start dancing and singing to distract her. She helps me out, more than she knows.
Baby Kota Bear
Trey is always complaining about my how dirty my car is, so the girls and I went to the car spa.
Dakota was like, where's my massage????Baby Kota Bear
I put Cheyenne to work and made her vacuum all her Cheerios. Baby Kota Bear
What are your plans for this weekend? Apparently, Trey invited friends over to watch a walking dead marathon. I have work to do, so while the kids are sleeping and Trey is having his TV marathon, I'll be sitting in the dinning room editing.

Well, I'll leave you with pictures of sweet Dakota. Baby Kota Bear
Have a wonderful weekend!
Baby Kota Bear

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