Friday, March 01, 2013

My Week in Photos (Cutting Teeth)

Dakota is cutting teeth, two at the same time! They are her two bottom teeth. She's still a doll and lovely to be around, despite teething. She loves chewing and slobbering on stuff. I feel like Cheyenne gives us a harder time than the baby.

Table feedings are getting better. She seems to like strawberry, apples and broccoli ( I mentioned to Trey how I was thinking of buying store bought baby food and he kind of flipped out. :)
I plan on pureeing and freezing food, for Dakota -- the same way I did for Chey. I bought a cool product called Squeez'Ems, see pic below. I think I'm going to like it. I also bought small (portion) containers for freezing food. When I make veggies for myself, I'll just put a small portion aside, for Dakota.
Princess Dakota No more pics, please!
Food tastes a little better Squeez'ems Dakota says Hi!
She's always the first one ready.
Dakota ready to spectate at Cowtown 5K
I hope she's not getting sick
Cheyenne made a birdhouse this week, while she was at Mrs. Amanda's house.
Painting at Mrs. Amanda's
This baby, rarely cuddles. It was worth taking a picture to document.
Cowtown Recovery

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  1. Where did you get that Squeeze Ems thing?? I would love to get one.